Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What vehicles & services will be done in this commercial truck shop?

A: We work on all Super Duty, Medium & Heavy duty diesel and gas trucks and vans from 250s up to 750s. We will also be able to do service and light repair on motor homes, buses, trailers, shuttle buses, and bucket trucks.

Q: what will you specialize in?

A: We will specialize in quality repairs and quick turnaround time to get your commercial vehicle back on the job. We have lifts that can handle up to 52k pounds, so we can accommodate larger vehicles such as ambulances, shuttle buses, bucket trucks, dump trucks or flat beds, with single or dual rear wheels. We can handle any size or weight truck up to F750s in our tall, long, flat bays. We will not be able to accommodate tandem axles or 18 wheelers at this time.

Q: Can you work on other makes and models?

A: We will specialize in the Ford diesel engines and Ford Authorized Warranty and will also be able to accommodate any make or model for maintenance and light repair. We are able to work on Caterpillar or Cummings engines at this time. Also international.

Q: tell me about your technicians.

A: We have several technicians who are Senior Master Certified in diesel and electrical works. All our technicians are trained in medium and heavy duty repair and maintenance and all PM services. We will continue the same quality you have always enjoyed.

Q: Can they work on my tires?

A: We have state of the art equipment to align any size truck or van, and tire and wheel machinery to work on tires of all sizes up to 22.5. We buy our tires on the Ford Wholesale program in volume, so we can beat any tire price in town.

Q: Can they inspect my vehicle?

A: We can perform NC State Safety Inspections and NC State Emissions Inspections. We do NCDOT inspections also.

Q: Will you have parts in stock?

A: We will stock most fast moving and maintenance parts and have access to overnight delivery. We are committed to get whatever part we need in the quickest possible way.

Q: Which shop do I bring my truck to?

A: You can continue to take your truck into the main service department at Parkway Ford. We will take the vehicles to the correct shop to work on it. You will call the same telephone number (336) 725-3860 for any service that is needed at either shop.

Q: Will you take appointments?

A: Yes, we take appointments by phone (336) 725-3860 or online

Q: What are your hours?

A: We will open at 7:30am Monday – Friday and close at 5:00pm. Saturday will be from 8am until 12pm.

Q: What will change in the main Parkway service department?

A: You should see improved delivery times and more attentive service to the maintenance and light repair work. It is our job to keep your car and your family safe and make sure your vehicle id dependable for you.

Q: Who do I call if I have a problem?

A: Brian Miller, the Service Director.